Invest and make money on real estate

If you think about making money by investing in real estate, you are just in the right place. Why not become an investor and take advantage of our experience in multiplying your capital. Or maybe you are already an investor and you are looking for new opportunities?

 Talking with developer


  • with each investor we conduct analysis of his requirements and expectations, investment preferences as to the type of investment, as well as his investment capabilities and scale of operations
  • to meet the expectations of the investor, we search and advise him with the purchase of properties, which show potential to increase in value
  • we focus on residential, retail and office properties, both existing and planned
  • while preparing a dedicated strategy for a selected property together with the investor, we create a proces to increase the value of the property
  • we run sales process of a properly prepared property so as to achieve by the investor maximum returns on the investment
  • we create investment portfolios both for individual investors and groups

We will help you invest your capital in both the purchase of an apartment or a retail unit for rent or sale when the property's investment value is increased, as well as an investment in a larger scale project such as an office building or a retail park.

Consultancy and management of development projects

Are you considering or are determined to invest your capital in real estate development project? Are you already an investor? Do you need support in a further development of your business?


We provide the following investment consultancy services:

  • search and selection of properties for investment purposes
  • analyses of local master development plans
  • preparation of applications and comments to drafts of local master development plans
  • preparation of project’s conceptual design to obtain site development conditions for the project (zoning and land use)
  • preparation of functional quidelines for project’s development concept
  • preparation of feasibility studies for the project
  • assistance in the selction of architectural team optimal for the type and scale of the project
  • supervision on the design works and all administrative processes to obtain decisions necessary for the project’s execution, including  the building permit decision


  • sale of the project for an execution by another investor
  • or preparation of a loan application to obtain bank financing for the construction of the project (construction and investment loans)
  • management of the investment process
  • preparation of marketing and sale/lease strategy for the project
  • comprehensive management of sale/lease process for the project

We specialize in multifamily residential projects, single family semi-detached and terraced housing projects, office buildings and retail parks.

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